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Because a love everything ok

5 rating

Another fantastic MVP experience from my favorite Sport Clips Team!!!

Reply from Sport Clips Haircuts of Rancho Mission Viejo:
Hi Chris, thank you for your awesome review! It is our honor to serve you! I recommend that you visit us again when we reopen in April, and make sure to use our check-in app to check yourself in and request your favorite stylist before you arrive. We'll see you in April! Chris Formo - Team Leader

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Took my son, who had been growing his hair out for over a year and LOVED his length, in to get a haircut. I showed Shalla a photo of how he wanted his hair cut (shorter on the top and sides while keeping the length in the back) and explained, in detail that he wanted to keep the length in the back and clean up the sides and top with a FINGER CUT. She asked how much she could take off the back. I said one inch and then my son and I discussed it in front of her and we settled on 1/2 MAXIMUM off the back and repeated this to her, again confirming that he wanted to keep the length in the back AS IS. She started clipping the back of his hair up and cutting. And then taking down sections and cutting more, repeating this process, several times I reminded her that he wanted to keep his length as it looked like she was cutting a lot off the back and she repeatedly nodded and said "yes." When she started messing with her clipper, I told her that clippers will make his hair too short and that he wants a FINGER CUT. She put them down and then picked them up again and moved to the opposite side of my son's head. I assumed she was cutting his sideburns or around his ear until I saw she had an attachment on the clippers and I jumped up and yelled "WAIT!" to which she replied, "this is what you want" and took the clippers to my son's head before I could get around to the other side of his chair. There was nothing I could do at that point about the side of his hair. I then walked around and looked at the back and she had cut off over 6+ inches on the back of his hair. I asked her why she cut the length off the back when I had specifically told her REPEATEDLY that he wanted to KEEP the length and to only cut off 1/2 inch MAXIMUM and replied, "Oh!" and nothing more. I asked her again and showed her the photo of the man with hair well past his collar in the back that I had showed her now numerous times before she started cutting his hair and she said, "We have never had anyone come in here with this kind of hair" (whatever that means?) and then asked "What do you want me to do at this point?" She had cut the back short and left the top long, which is the OPPOSITE of what I explained to her REPEATEDLY that he wanted. She repeatedly kept turning to my 12 year old son saying, "This is what you want", when it was ABSOLUTELY NOT what he wanted. I am furious. In all she cut off over 6+ inches of my son's hair in the back. He is extremely frustrated and upset. I was floored when she CHARGED me to ruin my son's hair and do the OPPOSITE Of what we asked. When I asked the other stylist how I could reach a manager (since the phone number listed for the shop goes straight to voicemail) she told me the only way was to leave a review (not very good customer service.) I had actually been in a few hours earlier to get my younger son's hair cut and Mary Ann was INCREDIBLE and did an amazing job. So much so that I brought my older son back a few hours later but Mary Ann had already left for the day. I wish I had turned around and walked out at that point. I am extremely angry and will be in touch with corporate. I have photos of what his hair looked like before and what it looks like now. The back looks like a poorly chopped wig and is uneven. I honestly could have asked my 7 year old to cut the back of my son's hair and it would have ended up looking better. I would like a manager to please contact me immediately.

Reply from Sport Clips Haircuts of Rancho Mission Viejo:
Hi Becky, thank you for contacting us and sharing your concerns. I am so sorry for the poor experience you and your son had with us. As I understand it, our manager has already contacted you and resolved the issue. Please let me know if I am incorrect, so I can assist. Chris Formo - Team Leader

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antonio l. | July 11, 2020 Haircut

"Because a love everything ok"

Chris A. | March 19, 2020 Haircut

"Another fantastic MVP experience from my favorite Sport Clips Team!!!"

Becky N. | October 10, 2018 Haircut

"Took my son, who had been growing his hair out for over a year and LOVED his length, in to get a hai"

James B. | November 14, 2017 Haircut

"Tanya gave me the best haircut Ive ever had! "